Ulf goes Religious

Part 1 (2018)

In the trilogy Ulf goes Religious, sexuality and religion are explored. In part 1 lust and pain in the encounters between men, are connected to the longing for something more. For something higher. The profane and holy walks hand in hand in this queer and weightless room. Ulf takes the audience on a journey outside of time and space, and into a bodily universe of instincts and openness.


A naked man sits on his knees and peeks into a hole. On the other side a man lies motionless on the floor. Another man sits on the toilet while he’s slowly falling. These three men are in each their cubicle, separated, but together nonetheless. There are flowers on the floor. Muddled and pulsating rhythms hits the room. In this way a series of sensuous events related to sex and religion takes place.


Creative team

Idea and Choreography: Ulf Nilseng

Dancers: Ulf Nilseng, Sudesh Adhana and Stian Danielsen

Composer and musician: Sjur Miljeteig

Scenographer and costume designer :Corentin Jean-Paul Marcel Leven

Light designer: Kerstin Weimers,

Producer: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre


The trilogy is funded by Arts Council, Norway

Part 1 was coproduced by Bærum Kulturhus (NO)


Premiered in Bærum Kulturhus (NO) the 26th of Jauary 2018.

Toured to Teatro Foro Eco, Morelia, Mexico 11th – 13th of October 2018.

Tour supported by Performing Arts HUB Norway (UD grants) and Fund for Sound and Image.


Duration 60 minutes


Available for international touring.


Contact: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre (producer)


0047 992 35 345