Spa for Life




In an outside swimming pool, shielded from the surroundings, Ellen Johannessen and Ulf Nilseng invited to the dance performance Spa for Life. A performance with dance, water, music, comedy and warm hands. The performance was shown at Tøyenbadet in Oslo.




Concept, Idea, Performance Ulf Nilseng and Ellen Johannessen
Extra Anggya Gurung
Composer, Musician Hege Rimestad
Scenography, Costumes Olav Ryland Myrtvedt
Video Trond Winterkjær 
Producer Marianne Roland adn Cathe Sjøblom


Funded by Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund,
Fund for Performing Artists, and Norwegian Society of Composers.


Premiered 29.05.2013 at Tøyenbadet in Oslo,
and shown 30th of May  – 2nd of June.

22.05.2015 R.E.D Nyland Gård, Eina
04.11.2015 DanseFestival Barents 2015, Arktisk Kultursenter, Hammerfest