Lola and her red shoes dancing with Cirkus Polski




«Lola and her red shoes dancing with Cirkus Polski» was a performance by Enstad & Nilseng, which point of departure is a meeting between two people longing to fulfil their lifework. Could something come out of the nostalgia, or is it just sentimental and tormenting?


Previously, actress Marika Enstad and dancer Ulf Nilseng had worked together in the performance «Det Motsatte Prosjekt». In «Lola and her red shoes dancing with Cirkus Polski», they wanted to explore each other in a new context.

«... a stylish, lush and colourful circus varieté where glamour and humour as well as the tragedy come through powerfully... The musicians are an incredibly charming part of the performance, and they play a lot of good music that is well-woven into the whole. (...)»

Leinslie, Elisabeth (01.10.2007). Sterkt ensemble med sterkt innhold.


Scenekunst,, 17.11.2010



Text Dag Johan Haugerud

Concept/Idea Marika Enstad

Concept/Idea Ulf Nilseng

Music Øyvind Borgemoen Lyse

Scenography Olav Myrtvedt

Music arrangement Vidar Løvstad

Light design Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson

Actress Marika Enstad

Actor Ulf Nilseng

Actor Vidar Løvstad

Actor Øyvind Borgemoen Lyse

Consultant (Direction) Jon Tombre



Premiered 28 September 2007 at Black Box Teater in Oslo
Played 29th – 30th of September, and 3rd – 7th of October,
and 18th – 19th of June 2008.



Funded by Arts Council Norway and Fund for Performing Artists.