Is it possible to find a place where feel you belong?

Is it possible to dance belonging?

Can it have a language? The answer is yes.




To be

To long

To belong

Not too long

But long enough



Be-longing is a production with dancer Ulf Nilseng and actor Huy Le Vo, and music by Sjur Miljeteig performed live. The work also includes video work by artist Kai Rennes. Be-longing had its world premiere at Dansens Hus in November 2016 and toured to Sweden, Mexico and Cuba in January 2017.


Review (in norwegian)

Idea, concept and choreography Ulf Nilseng
Performed by Ulf Nilseng, Huy Le Vo

Musician and composer Sjur Miljeteig

Video and scenography Kai Rennes, Sabina Jacobsson and Corentin Jean Paul Marcel Leven

Light design Magnus Mikaelsen

Photos Kim Sølve / Trine + Kim designstudio

Producer Svante Aulis Löwenborg


Duration: 55 min.
Funded by Arts Council Norway and Fund for Performing Artists.